The world famous robotic
show now in orlando

The world famous robotic show now in orlando

True robotics, infinite possibilities


Yanshee is an intelligent, open-source humanoid robot that uses advanced artificial intelligence and sensor technology to give engineering enthusiasts practical experience with real robotics applications.

It has 17 digital servo motors, a facial recognition system, a camera, a voice module, speakers, a microphone, and can be controlled through a game-like app interface. Yanshee is programmable with C/C++, Blockly, Java, Python, and Perl languages.

It is also compatible with the Raspberry Pi computer platform and can be extended with additional sensors such as infrared, ultrasonic, touch, pressure, and temperature. Yanshee runs on the Raspbian OS and is fully extensible using the Raspberry Pi platform, with additional hardware interfaces including USB, HDMI, 6 POGO, 4PIN, and 40PIN GPIO.
    What am I here for?
    I was designed as a comprehensive solution for students to engage in real robotics technology.
    What can I do?
    I can move, move my arms and legs, dance, get up when I fall down. Using the application on your smartphone, you can make me dance, do gymnastics, or just walk.
    How to interact with me?
    1. Ask the demonstrator to run the app on a tablet.
    2. Watch how I perform various movements and dances for you.

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    how to find us

    6464 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819, USA

    6464 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819, USA

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