The world famous robotic
show now in orlando

The world famous robotic show now in orlando

Intelligence Bionic Quadruped Robot Companion


Compared with traditional inspection robots (wheeled and tracked), quadruped robots have discrete footholds and can adapt to different terrain, such as stairs, steps, slopes, mountains and so on.

Equipped with GPS, robotic arm, lidar and other instruments and testing equipment, they can complete a series of work (intelligent construction, survey, search and rescue, security patrol, etc.), and provide patrol inspection, exploration, material transportation and other work and services for petrochemical, electric power, railway and mineral collection. The robot walks alongside its human master within sight of the human, which is much better than the conventional following mode.
    What am I here for?
    I was created to provide patrolling, perform material transportation, and conduct search and rescue.
    What can I do?
    I can walk, run, jump, sit and play with you like a real dog does. I can follow you avoiding obstacles and climbing stairs.
    How to interact with me?
    1. Ask the demonstrator to run the app on a tablet.
    2. Watch how I perform various movements.

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    how to find us

    6464 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819, USA

    6464 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819, USA

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